Location Marketing
for your business

to get more customers

Attract nearby customers
from competition

Increase your business

Grow your business
in neighbourhood

Drive more walk-ins

your customers

with amazing Customers Insight

More customers will find your
business easily with location marketing

Everything we do, we strongly believe in making it easy for customers to find your business online. Get more online traffic for your business, attract nearby customers from your competition by building powerful online presence and reputation. Be found, Be discovered, Be visible. Get more customers and grow your business.

Attract more

Get more customers to your business by increasing your online credibility. Attracting nearby customers from your competition by building powerful online presence.

Delight your

Business Intelligence platform for amazing Customer Insight with actionable alerts in real-time, allowing you to provide delightful Customer Experience & Excellence.

Build Trust
Customer Loyalty

Easily get more customers by building awesome Online reputation. Allowing you to attract more customers, increasing your business.

Reach more

Quickly reach your potential customers directly, anytime, anywhere across any device. Bring back your customers by sharing new trends, events and promotions, driving more walk-ins.

Now more customers
will find your business

With location management, be visible when your customers are looking for your business or your competition online. Connecting online customers to your local business. By managing your online presence, attracting nearby customers from your competition.

We strongly believe in reducing your marketing spend and growing your business by doing things differently. Broadcast new trends and promotions directly to your customers on any devices, anytime, anywhere. Reach your customers like near before, build relationships with your customers increasing your customer retention and profits.

Customer Acquisition


Customer Retention


Customer Delight


Customer Insight


Our Small Team with Big Ideas

Interdisciplinary teams with big ideas. Design and prototyping from day one.

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Abdul Samee
CEO / Founder

Samee drives the vision and strategy, managing customer and partner relations. Having more than decade of experience in Business Development and Client Engagement. He had worked in Monster.com & ManpowerGroup in the past, involved in Social Media Marketing, Online Recruitment. He did bootstrap couple of startups in the past, when not working he likes to work out harder.

Business Kiosk

Mujeebulla Rahman
Director Technology

Mujeebulla Rahman leads technical aspect of Cuepra right from Ideation to product development. He has around 10 years of experience in Product development. He has worked in Tasmea Solution and other startups, Enjoys Cooking for Family & Friends

Sapna Koul
Senior Manager Customer Support

Sapna Koul leads Client relation and optimizing Customer OnBoarding experience. She has around 8 years of Experience in Sales and Client engagement with Writer Corp and others. She has involved in new customer acquisition and a passionate traveler.

Why believe
in us

Create powerful Online Presence | build amazing Online Reputation | provide excellent Broadcast | capture effective Social Data | gather awesome Business Intelligence | adopt simplest CRM | And more

Get more customers and retain more customers. Transform your customers into brand advocates, build followers and target campaigns to your custom audience. Grow your business by connecting online customers to local business.

Strategy and timing are the Himalayas of marketing. Everything else is the Catskills

Al Ries and Jack Trout

Internal marketing is probably much more important than external marketing. That's even more true today than it's ever been.

Tom Stewart

Marketing is not a Paid Activity its a Habit


Get more customers
Grow your business

with Location Marketing

Easily Create
Online Presence

Update your business listing across various online platforms, protecting your profile with auto sync. Increasing your brand visibility, drive more customers through your doors.

Delight Customers
with Business Intelligence

Provide amazing Customer Experience and Excellence; take more informed decisions with analytical results available from live NPS scores, Sentiment Analysis and more.

Quickly Build
Online reputation

Encourage your customers to leave rating & reviews about your business across platforms building online reputation, driving more walk-ins.

Capture Customers
Social Data

Increase likes & shares, capture user data with more than 100 + data points. Email list builder available for instant brand promotion.

Reach Customers
with Broadcast

Easily build your custom audience even without your customers downloading mobile app, building customer loyalty . Target your audience with custom campaigns.

CRM for
any business

Our CRM is designed exclusively by sales people for today's sales team. A delight for sales staff and managers alike, as it prioritizes your business needs.

Built trust with your potential customers increasing your business . Signup today

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What People
Say About Us

Getting authenticated Customer Information was always an issue, Cuepra helped me solve this by giving me a
genuine database

Richard - Kobe Sizllers

What People
Say About Us

Cuepra has given us a platform where it has identified areas of improvement for my business growth for Targeting Customers & timely marketing

Prakash - Cubo Fitness

What People
Say About Us

With Cuepra's feedback mechanism, our Customer feedback has increased by 70% and able to achieve Customer Recovery in Real-time.

Alam - 5Computers

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Marketing Solution


  • Online Presence - Location Marketing
  • Location Management (beta)
  • Capture - Social Data
  • Messaging - with Broadcast
  • Free website

Feedback Solution


  • Capture feedback in store
  • Customer insight in real-time
  • Monitor multiple location
  • Use it as a kiosk
  • Sentiment analysis

Sales Solution


  • Performance & Analytics
  • Customization
  • Sales Automation
  • Integration
  • Mobile



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